The Westcott Incubator and Accelerator Programme is a new funding opportunity delivered by the Buckinghamshire Enterprise Zone and Buckinghamshire Local Enterprise Partnership, supported by Satellite Applications Catapult, and designed to help start-up and SME companies to grow and develop at Westcott.

The programme includes two separate packages from which space-related businesses can tailor the support they require using a voucher scheme that ranges from £5,000 to £25,000. You can apply for both the Incubator and the Accelerator at the same time, as well as independently of one another.

The application’s criteria for businesses includes:

  • Strategic similarities to existing Westcott companies
  • The market potential of the resulting product
  • The business and product’s benefit to maximising growth at Westcott

The Incubator programme offers strategic advice and support for the commercialisation of space related products and services. This includes technical guidance and design thinking for service development. The Accelerator programme offers access to and the utilisation of Satellite Application Catapult facilities and equipment at Westcott. This includes a range of facilities and specialist apparatus related to products and services for space.

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