Helping to deliver national and local growth objectives to create a vibrant and prosperous Buckinghamshire

With Buckinghamshire Advantage, a joint delivery vehicle established between our five local authorities and the private sector to drive economic development in the local economy, we have bridged the gap between public and private sectors by creating joint targets with clear deadlines and outcomes.

Buckinghamshire Advantage has accelerated the development and delivery of a variety of projects and schemes, including the Aylesbury Woodlands mixed use development covering over 200ha of employment led development to the east of Aylesbury, providing much needed new road infrastructure and supporting the growth of the Aylesbury Garden Town programme. Buckinghamshire Advantage has helped enable the Aylesbury Waterside and Handy Cross development in High Wycombe, and is now rocket fuelling investment into our Enterprise Zone sites.

This innovative delivery arrangement at the heart of the Buckinghamshire LEP structure helps our economy develop sustainably and ensure that local growth funds are invested wisely for the long term economic benefit of the county.

For further information please take a look at our Buckinghamshire Advantage website.

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