Bucks Growth Hub

Whilst many claim it, we really are business-led with a Private Sector Board and over 11,000 businesses now engaged with our Local Growth Hub, Buckinghamshire Business First….Read More >

Bucks Skills Hub

The Bucks Skills Hub, based at Buckinghamshire Local Enterprise Partnership, aims to promote and optimise links between employers and educators, in order to enable young people to become more work ready through greater employer involvement and to ensure they gain the right skills for the local growth sectors…. Read More >

Buckinghamshire Advantage

Helping to deliver national and local growth objectives to create a vibrant and prosperous Buckinghamshire. With Buckinghamshire Advantage, a joint delivery vehicle established between our five local authorities and the private sector to drive economic development in the local economy, we have bridged the gap between public and private sectors by creating joint targets with clear deadlines and outcomes… Read More >

Buckinghamshire Council

Buckinghamshire LEP have always enjoyed a close working relationship with Buckinghamshire Council, Read More >

The LEP Network

The LEP Network has been providing support to LEPs and stakeholders since it was first established in 2011. Over this time the role of Local Enterprise Partnerships has developed and are seen as playing a critical role by Government to help deliver local economic growth…. Read More >

Greater South East Net Zero Hub

The Greater South East Net Zero Hub is one of five regional Energy Hubs in England. The Energy Hubs aim to provide local capacity support to bring investment into local, low-carbon energy infrastructure projects… Read More >