Whilst many claim it, we really are business-led with a Private Sector Board and over 11,000 businesses now engaged with our Local Growth Hub, Buckinghamshire Business First.

Our strategy and projects have been shaped by thousands of local business owners through their direct involvement with Buckinghamshire Business First, at regular roundtable ‘Think Tank’ events, Business Leaders’ Dinners, workshops and multiple other networking opportunities.

A Growth Hub Going Places

Buckinghamshire Business First is the envy of almost every Local Enterprise Partnership in England. The organisation has an unprecedented reach with over 11,000 business members representing over 75% of the workforce of Buckinghamshire. Over 60% of those businesses have been supported in the past 12 months, receiving business advice, networking support and growth funding amongst the suite of services offered.

In total Buckinghamshire Business First has supported a total over 30,000 separate business engagements last year and secured almost £3m to support the economy of Buckinghamshire.

For further information please go to the Buckinghamshire Business First website.

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