Bosch Our voice of business this month is:

Eman Martin-Vignerte, Head of External Affairs, Government and Political Relations at Bosch

Robert Bosch, our founder, was an innovator. His driving passion was to improve people’s quality of life, and he quickly realised that the best way to do this was through technology. Bosch’s first major innovation, the spark plug, made the internal combustion engine possible and transformed the way we travel.

Bosch realised that innovation doesn’t happen in isolation; his other great skill was in bringing people together. He collaborated with other businesses, developed and nurtured a talented team, and was the first major businessman to think globally, operating on five continents half a century before many of his competitors.

Just as 120 years ago, we are on the verge of a technological revolution; this time it is the advent of universal connectivity. The Internet of Things will drive vast improvements to our quality of life through safety, sustainability, energy efficiency, convenience and time-saving. The benefits will be enormous, but they can only be realised by working together.

Innovation and collaboration go hand in hand. This is why we set up the Innovation Hub at our headquarters in Denham. The Innovation Hub showcases Bosch technology across all areas of life – from the consumer goods for which we are best known, through to the industrial applications and mobility solutions on which much of modern life depends. It is also a space for collaboration across the business community; we welcome external bookings.

We are not only innovating and collaborating in Denham. It might not always feel that way, but the county is fortunate to be on the doorstep of London. It isn’t just the UK’s capital; it’s Europe’s megacity, a global power in its own right and one of the technology and innovation hubs of the world.

That’s why last year we opened the London Connectory, a co-innovation space that is open to partners from the public, private and academic sectors, from start-ups to multinational organisations, with a dedicated goal: to develop smart mobility solutions for London. Based at the heart of London’s ‘Tech City’, the Connectory is playing host to a network of start-ups, workshops, mentors, investors and developers. The first partner to sign up is Transport for London.

If Robert Bosch were around today he would recognise different challenges to the problems of his time, but his goals and methods would be unchanged. The best way to innovate is to work together. Why not come to visit us, either in Denham or London, to explore how?

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