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May 2023

Unleashing the potential of the Buckinghamshire Enterprise Zone

15th May, 2023|Our Blog|

Our voice of business this month is: Matt Peachey, Head of Enterprise Zone Development, Buckinghamshire LEP                                                      My role is to work with our partners to accelerate growth and innovation across Buckinghamshire’s Enterprise Zones (Bucks EZ) at Silverstone Park, Westcott [...]

In Orbit Servicing & Manufacturing (IOSM) Test Facility

15th May, 2023|Photo of the Month|

In Orbit Servicing & Manufacturing (IOSM) Test Facility at Westcott attracting investors such as Airbus in the global space industry. Thanks to Bucks LEP’s Getting Building Fund investment of £4.6m into the IOSM facility at Westcott Enterprise Zone, organisations [...]

March 2023

200,000 sq ft Lunaz factory fully operational and expanding at Silverstone Enterprise Zone

9th March, 2023|Photo of the Month|

Lunaz have been able to expand four times their original site size at Silverstone Enterprise Zone, and create over 300 jobs, thanks to Bucks LEP funding supporting investment into the electrification of commercial vehicles .

Reshaping post-16 technical education and training

9th March, 2023|Our Blog|

Our voice of business this month is: John Browning, Local Skills Improvement Plan Manager, Bucks Skills Hub During January and February groups of employers and training providers have been coming together in different industry sectors to develop the Buckinghamshire [...]

December 2022

New drone facility set to increase sector growth at Westcott Enterprise Zone

19th December, 2022|Photo of the Month|

Westcott’s position as launchpad for the development of drone technology has been further strengthened by the opening of its Drone Test and Development Centre, with pioneering company Skyports becoming the first drone operator to move into the new - Bucks [...]

Driving change for a cleaner future with Upcycled Electric Vehicles

19th December, 2022|Our Blog|

Our voice of business this month is: David Lorenz, Founder, Lunaz Right now, worldwide, around two billion vehicles powered by conventional internal combustion engines (ICEs) have reached, or are approaching, the end of their useful lives. Most of them [...]

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